Mystry Girl in Shah Rukh’s Selfie

Posted By Badal Nepal || Date: 6 February, 2017

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Osnepalnews, California – Over the past couple of weeks, Shah Rukh Khan has been busy promoting his latest release Raees across the country and abroad, and as active on social media as he is, he makes sure he takes the customary selfie wherever he goes and he uploaded it on his official Facebook page. The picture went viral but not because of SRK or Raees, but because of a girl who was clicked in the picture standing in the front row. The girl wearing a green top become an Internet sensation and people were going crazy wondering who she is. “That jungle green t shirt girl looks like a model,” wrote a user. “That girl in olive green color tee can’t stop watching you men,” wrote media has played a significant role to take common people to celeb.

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