Student Episode 50 – Nepali TV Serial

Posted By Badal Nepal || Date: 27 January, 2017

Osnepalnews – Gynandra Koirala’s direction, Krishna Anmol’s story, Jayanarayan Timsina’s production and tv Nepali’s presentation, a Nepali TV Serial “Student”- episode 50 depicts the chain of stories relating with the police’s duty, husband and wife’s true love, parents’ agonies and sufferings after losing one’s sons and daughters, friends’ feelings to one’s crony and the confusing state of a pregnant, but helpless woman.
Character Sabina, the wife of a serial killer Es, does her best to protect her husband being arrested by the police. She and her friend try to convince the inspector not to arrest Es, but he is also chained with his responsibility and needs to fulfill his duty. The case regarding the murder of Arrohi and Jasmin keeps on revolving round and round. The police, on the other hand, tries to go in depth of the fact of the murder. Suddenly Bobby, who committed suicide in the jail, comes in between the case of murder. However, the police have ample evidences to arrest Es for murdering Arrohi and Jasmin , and hence with the help of Sisir he gets arrested.
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