Battho Manchhe 32 – Nepali Comedy Video

Posted By Badal Nepal || Date: 11 January, 2017

Osnepalnews – Short comic movie Battho Manchhe- 32, produced by tvNepal, directed by Harendra Khatri, performed the role by Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangraula, fully entertains the audiences through the characters’ strong performances on farcical subject-matter. Almost all dialogues and gestures of Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangraula tickle the audiences till to the convulsive laughter. Sudden, unexpected, but a silly twist in the scene as : covering of Saru’s body with a bed sheet by Sisir to make her feel dark, not for sexual purpose, but for showing the glowing light of his watch in such a pathetic condition of Nepal-electric power cut, in fact, promises to release sorrows deeply hidden in the audiences. Such situations are badly organized this serial that they become ridiculous for the audiences, and hence tears roll from the eyes because of convulsive laughter viewing such stupidity of the characters. To have more funny performances, please keep on watching us on youtube channel tv Nepali.

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