‘Yo Teejma’ by Gyanendra Biswokarma & Gita Khadka

Posted By Badal Nepal || Date: 1 August, 2014

Badal Nepal, Aug 01 – The new song of Teej has uploaded in in You Tube  today . This Video is uploades by Highlights Nepal Pvt. Ltd . The title of song is Yo Teejma.  This video is mainly focouses on the great festival of Nepalese Hindu women Teej and it’s rituals . Rajesh Oli is   Lyrics of song whereas  vocal by  Gyanendra Biswokarma & Gita Khadka . Rajesh Oli has given the music and  Sirjan Baral directed it.  Geetanjali Music Pvt. Ltd has made this music vedio and released in market .

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