प्रजापति समुदायलाई पाला बनाउन भ्याइनभ्याई

भक्तपुर २६ असोज (रासस) – तिहार आउनैलाग्दा माटोका भाँडा बनाउँदै आएका कुमाले समुदायलाई पाला बनाउन..

म खाना खाँदै थिए हेर्दाहेर्दा पहिरोले गाउँनै बगर बनायो – रिभान कास्की

ओएस नेपाल, पोखरा – कास्कीको माछापुच्छ्रेगाउँपालिका वडा नं ५ रिभानमा मंगलवार राती पहिरोले १३ घरमा..

Health facility vandalized in dispute on centre

Dunai (Dolpa), July 27: Locals vandalized health facility on Wednesday in a dispute on the..

Truck plunges into Trishuli; driver missing

Malekhu (Dhading), July 27: A truck plunged into the Trishuli River from nearby Bihani Petrol..

Rampur folks struggling to meet basic water need

Dadeldhura, July 27: People of Rampur in Parshuram Municipality-6, Dadeldhura, a hilly district in the..

Man hammers wife to death

Damauli, July 27: A person allegedly murdered his wife by hitting her with a hammer..

Land pulling without prior notice draws concerns

Khotang, July 27: Landowners of Khalle have voiced concern over the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority’s..

Four arrested on charge of girl trafficking

Trishuli (Nuwakot), July 27: Police have arrested four youths while trafficking a woman of Dupcheswor..

Racketeers threatening traders in guise of ‘RAW’ agent busted

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), July 27: Police have busted a gang involved in extortion by threatening industrialists..

Man arrested on girl trafficking charge after nine years

Trishuli (Nuwakot), July 26: Man Bahadur Tamang, 44, of Ghyangfedi of Dupcheshwor-1 in Nuwakot has..