Two Nepali Embassy Guards Suspended

Badal Nepal, New Delhi, Feb 03- Two security guards at the Nepali embassy in New..

80 Nepalis Stranded In Lebanon

BadalNepal, New Delhi, April 02- Eighty Nepalis in Lebanon who arrived through illegal channels for..

85 Nepalis Rescued From Malaysia

BadalNepal, April 01- About eighty-five Nepali migrants who had been stranded in Malaysia for the..

Nepali Labourer Found Dead In Kashmir

BadalNepal, Kathmandu, March 29- A Nepali labourer was found dead at his room in Kashmir,..

Three Nepalis Killed In Doha Gas Explosion

BadalNepal, February 28- Twelve people including three Nepalis were killed on Thursday when a gas..

Nepali Migrant Worker Shot At In Delhi

BadalNepal, February 27- A Nepali migrant worker in India who was shot at last week,..

Nepali Dies In Qatar

BadalNepal, February 24- A nepali migrant worker in Qatar, Raju Nepali, 34, of Nuwakot district..

Nepali Migrant Woman Exploited In Kuwait

BadalNepal, February 11- A Nepali migrant worker in Kuwait, Minda Magar is being treated in..

204 Nepalis Held In Malaysia

BadalNepal, February 07- The Malaysian authorities have reportedly arrested at least 204 Nepalis following a..

Migrant Workers Condition Improving In Qatar

BadalNepal, February 02- The condition of migrant workers in Qatar has improved FIFA has said...