Science Reveals The Best Age To Have Children But Women Can’t Believe It

OSNepalNews, Kathmandu, 22nd April: The ideal age when a woman should have children is a hot..

Archeologists Restore The 1,100-Year-Old Mummy With “Adidas Trainers”

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Thukka 30 – Nepali comedy.

Osnepalnews:Directed by Matrika Poudel  and Sisir Bhudhathoki , produced by NpLight TV, starred  by Samir..

jyoti stage profermance – With Funney Comment.

osnepalnesw: Joyti Magar, on the stage, especially on the auspicious occasion of Pathari Day- 2073,..

Thukka 30 – Nepali comedy.

Osnepalnews: Directed by Matrika Poudel , produced by NpLight TV, a short comedy  video –..

14 Year Old Becomes A Maths Professor At The University of Leicester

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Thukka 23 – Nepali Comedy.

osnepalnews:Directed by Matrika Poudel , produced by NpLight TV, starred by Ishwor Dulal, Sisir Budhathoki..

Thukka 26 – Nepali Comedy Video.

osnepalnews: Directed by Harendra Khattri, produced by NpLight TV, starred by Mousam Tiwari and Kopila..

Thukka 24 – Nepali Comedy.

osnepalnews: Directed by Matrika Poudel, produced by NpLight TV, starred by Shyam Giri and Sarita, a..

Young Gypsies Search For Mate At Bulgarian Bridal Market

OSNepalNews, Kathmandu, 6th April: Donka Hristova lets her mother pull her skintight mini-dress a half-inch down..