Need to linking IT with development: Minister Karki

Banepa, Jan 11: Minister for Information and Communications, Surendra Kumar Karki, has admitted that Nepal is yet to link information technology with overall development. During a capacity building workshop organized by the Technology Journalists’ Forum at Banepa on Wednesday, Minister Karki urged the journalists to use the science news in message-laden manner rather than sensational way. He further complained that Nepal Telecommunications Authority has been just a means to earn money, for it has failed to contribute to increasing gross domestic products. There has not been any significant achievement on agriculture and livestock, he said, notable activities in IT could help prop up development activities. Senior Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Anand Raj Khanal, said demand of technological issues have increased lately. The NTA will continue collaboration with journalists.
The two-day workshop is attended by 20 journalists. RSS

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