Horoscope For Today: 28th November

On this day Arians will do their work in their own good time. You’ll constantly be reminded of the wild party you went to last night, and so you won’t be able to work properly. You’ll even refuse to take on a promising project, claiming to be feeling unwell.

On this day Taureans will once again take up the matter of changing their place of residence. You’ll evaluate the property market in your city, and you’ll have to admit that you don’t have the money for a good move, and so you’ll decide to save.

On the 28th of November 2016 Geminis will become acquainted with a new online store. Without delay you’ll order a number of things for yourself and for your family. In fact, this will be the most memorable development for you this Monday.

On the 28th of November 2016 Cancers can expect grand developments at work. Your name will feature on a list of staff members who your boss has decided to send on an overseas business trip. Unfortunately your spouse won’t be pleased by this news, and will try convince you to turn down the opportunity.

On this day Leos can expect massive disagreements with colleagues at work. You won’t be able to find common ground with them while working on a certain project together, and the collective work will reach a deadlock. At the end of the day your team will be reprimanded by the management.

On this day Virgos will be extremely irritated by the behavior of one of their close relatives. This person will unilaterally decide that your family needs to make an expensive purchase (renovations or something else that’s expensive) and will even make a few active moves towards choosing the direction it will take. You’ll try to convince them that such decisions should only be made after conferring together, and this will start a big argument between you.

Today Libras will be greatly concerned about the future of their relationship. You’ll allow yourself to take a look at the people your partner talks to on their mobile phone, and you’ll be surprised to discover romantic correspondence with some other person.

On this day Scorpios will have great difficulty in the process of getting acquainted with new professional equipment. Fortunately you’ll ask one of the new colleagues for help, and while you work together it will become clear that this person (a member of the opposite sex) has a great sense of humor, an easy-going nature, and a stunning appearance. Your interest in them will become your little secret.

On the 28th of November Sagittarians’ everyday work will bring them great satisfaction. You’ll constantly remember a story you heard from one of your friends who had to do a job he really didn’t like in order to escape poverty. You’ll analyze your own job, and reach the conclusion that you actually like it.

On this day Capricorns should absolutely refuse to self-medicate. Medication which isn’t prescribed could cause irreparable damage to your body. You’d do better to visit a competent medical specialist and let them decide what medication to prescribe.

Today Aquarians will get a new admirer. You won’t make it your goal to conquer this person (they themselves will show interest in you). You’ll have to rely on all your natural diplomacy and tact in order to turn this person down.

To Pisces this day will seem unbearably long. Your energy levels will be at an absolute minimum, but today your boss will go hard on you, giving you masses of work to do. You’ll constantly look at the clock, dreaming that the work day has already come to an end.
Source: www.gotohoroscope.com

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