Horoscope For Today: 26th November

Arians will spend this day at a family event. Aside from the warm emotions you feel when talking to relatives, this celebration will give you reason for concern. A certain young person who is present will start to take an interest in your spouse, flirting as if you were not there.

Today Taureans will refuse to fight for justice. You’ll go to a shopping center, and there you’ll witness a certain unpleasant incident. You will naturally be shocked by the events, but you won’t help. You’ll have only one thought – not to ruin your relationship with a shop that you often visit.

This Saturday Geminis will focus wholeheartedly on dealing with their family issues. You’ll help a relative who’s fallen into big trouble, and you’ll devote the evening to renovations at home. This won’t be anything like Saturday recreation, but you won’t be worried about the time it takes.

On this day Cancers will enjoy good romance. A sublime person will show up in your life, someone who’s ready to read you poetry for hours, and who showers you with compliments. They won’t make any concrete steps to get close to you, however, and so later in the evening you’ll go to a friend to ask for advice how to proceed.

Leo :
Today Leos should save their reputation. A certain unpleasant thing will show up in your life, and you’ll be one step away from a public scene. Don’t let yourself shout loudly in front of other people (don’t forget that someone could film it with their cellphone). Behave diplomatically.

On the 26th of November 2016 Virgos will decide to confess their love to a certain person. You’ll spend a long time preparing yourself for such an important discussion, carefully planning your outer appearance, and picking up compelling arguments to conquer this person’s heart. The person you like will listen to everything you say, and then ask for time to think about it.

Today Libras will bring themselves to the point of complete physical exhaustion. From the crack of dawn you’ll start doing numerous things around the house, and in the afternoon you’ll have to do the same thing at the house of an elderly relative.

Today Scorpios will adapt cleverly to changing circumstances. You’ll give up your own plan for Saturday in order to indulge your spouse’s wishes. Several times today you’ll change the location and the company in which you are entertained.

Sagittarians will subject their life values to radical scrutiny today. You’ll decide that many things in this world can’t be measured in money, and you’ll realize that there’s no point chasing after endless material things, at the expense of emotional comfort and sanity.

On the 26th of November Capricorns will experience insurmountable boredom. Someone will show up at your house, invited by your significant other. As duty requires, you’ll help prepare a good spread of food, put on your best outfit and a welcoming smile. Then for many hours you’ll yawn, looking out the window and listening to the exchange of news which is of absolutely no interest to you.

Aquarians will spend this day in a situation of complete emotional comfort. The domestic scandals will quieten down in your home, and your significant other will stop tormenting you with petty squabbles. In short, you’ll both decide that there’s no point ruining your weekend with a showdown.

On the 26th of November 2016 Pisces won’t manage to make the needed impression on a certain person. You’ll spend a long time choosing a suitable outfit to wear to the long-awaited party, but nobody will appreciate your efforts. The person for whom you’ve gone on a diet for the last few days will also look at you quite indifferently.

Source: www.gotohoroscope.com

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