Horoscope For Today: 25th November

Today Arians won’t be the most pleasant company. You’ll answer all questions directed at you very reservedly and laconically. You won’t want to share with your loved ones what’s going on in your heart. In the evening you’ll find a chance to spend time thinking about your problems in solitude.

Today Taureans will have to treat their spouse delicately. Tolerate their nonsense, hysteria and breaking of plates. As soon as this emotional storm is over and your partner calms down, you’ll get a thorough answer to all of your questions.

On the 25th of November 2016 Geminis’ wallets will be filled by an unexpected source. It may well be that someone will repay a debt to you which you had long forgotten, you’ll win the lottery, or get a raise.

Today Cancers will completely lose all sense of proportion. In the evening you’ll go to a celebration and happily consume everything you see. Your diet will be ruined, and you’ll rebuke yourself for lack of self-control. Later you’ll get a phone call from someone who once dumped you rudely, inviting you on a date, and you’ll forget everything and rush into their arms.

Today Leos will work on their ongoing problems and jobs. At work you’ll finish off a project which you previously left with a lot of minor errors. When you get home, you’ll take a look around and decide that your living space is in need of a general cleaning. You’ll do this, sacrificing the opportunity to attend a Friday night party with your friends.

On the 25th of November Virgos will be characterized by astounding moral resilience. You won’t show your emotions in your words or gestures when you hear angry criticism coming from your managers. In the evening one of your family members will make you very worried, but again you’ll hold yourself back from causing an incident.

Today Libras will have the honor of experiencing colossal creative inspiration. You’ll happily help a younger family member to get ready for a party, school celebration, or some other commemorative event. Later you’ll decide to clear out all the dull things from your wardrobe, and buy a new, fashionable set of clothes.

On the 25th of November 2016 Scorpios will have to face an unpleasant setback in the implementation of their plans. It may well happen because one of your previous associates refuses to take part in your idea. You’ll have to look for suitable people, and you’ll spend your whole work day doing this.

On this day Sagittarians will turn to a distant relative for help. Shortly after getting to work, you’ll learn that your department is going to be disbanded. Not wanting to become part of the unemployment statistics, you’ll look for a way to protect yourself from being fired. You’ll contact one of your relatives who is in a position of authority, and ask them to put in a word for you.

On this day Capricorns will get a lovely gift from an unfamiliar person. You’ll do some minor service for them, immediately after which this person will call you their benefactor. They’ll come to your house, bearing some kind of unusual gift. When your guest leaves, you’ll go online to determine the value of this item, and your suspicions will be confirmed (it’s extremely valuable).

On this day Aquarians will do battle against excess weight. With the help of a special website you’ll learn about a whole lot of effective diets, and you’ll choose one of them which doesn’t seem too hard. Much to the surprise of your loved ones, you’ll be eating the new food by this evening already.

Pisces will be under very severe conditions today. Your boss will get sick, and he will be replaced by a very firm and uncooperative individual. Communication with the new manager will be stressful for you and the rest of the staff. The moment the day comes to an end, you’ll all breathe out a sigh of relief, and decide to have a bit of fun.
Source: www.gotohoroscope.com

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