Five districts of Karnali state still deprived of electricity

Surkhet, Nov 14 : Five districts of Karnali state are still deprived of electricity service. According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, State office, Surkhet, it would take at least two years more to extend the national transmission line to Kalikot, Jumla, Dolpa, Mugu and Humla districts. Chief Engineer at the NEA State office, Surendra Agrahari, said that necessary process to expand the national transmission line has already been initiated. He said, “We have been making preparation to expand Jajarkot-Dolpa, Kalikot-Jumla and Nagma-Mugu 33 KV transmission line within current fiscal year.”

Agrahari said that a target has been set to expand the transmission line at least at headquarters of these districts within next two years. “Problem has surfaced to supply electricity related materials due to geographical difficulty and lack of road access,” he added. Regional office of NEA was established in Surkhet on August 27, 2017 to reach electricity access to Karnali and the regional office has now been transformed into state office. Only 77,000 of Karnali state households have been getting power supply from the national transmission line. People of some districts of Karnali state have been illuminating their houses from micro hydropower projects. (RSS)

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