15 Movie you must watch before you die

Osnepalnews : To be a perfect film there are lot of ingredients which are to be fixed well. We have seen several kinds of film over the years. The strong aspect of a film is its direct and impactful affect on the audiences. A movie is a very effective way to convey any kinds of message to the society and to entertain people as well. The way of presenting movies through the years are been depended on the available resources and the mass requirements. But we can definitely say that to be able to views today’s kinds of movie, so many actors, directors, producers have done a marvelous job or either we can say REVOLUTION. There are lot kinds of genres of movies. And this is directly connected to the human natures. These movies genres are basically formed to meet the human requirements. A type of requirement which several people wants to watch. So many people have their own taste of movie which is presented through movie genre. This is a very tough task to make a list of movies which made a huge impact on peoples life. As mentioned before, people have their own taste and own requirements, the list which is presented here is basically Drama type movie or some serious movies.

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