Thukka-25 Short Comedy Video by Harendra Khatri

Osnepalnews: Directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by Nplight TV, starred by Mausam Tiwari & Kopila Limbu, a short comedy video Thukka-25 comes with a very hilarious story of a drunkard husband & gullible wife every blink of time.

The wife of Mausam named Kopila cares her husband, who comes home drinking alcohol. Obviously, it irritates her, but being helpless, she has to romance silence only because she seems to be dependent to her husband. The drunkard husband ever gets confused either the lady who cares him, is really his wife or somebody else because of his over drinking habit. The wife only needs to be consoled with the sugar coated words like darling while he is unconscious. For more such videos please visit us at Nplight TV

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