Rampur folks struggling to meet basic water need

Dadeldhura, July 27: People of Rampur in Parshuram Municipality-6, Dadeldhura, a hilly district in the Province No. 7, have been facing the shortage of drinking water for long. The village, home to around 100 households, is deprived of clean water which has adversely affected the locals’ day-to-day activities. Water taps installed in the village some five years have almost run dry. The conclusion of Rampur folks is that the local water project was constructed without much study and it could not address their needs for water. Water from the local river is collected in the project water tank and is distributed to the locals once a day (for a short time). The consumers said that water supplied by the project is too little to meet their demand. They just get a jar of water from the project in a day which is far insufficient for daily household activities. They have no way except to using unhygienic water from the river to meet the basic needs. Otherwise, they have to walk up to the Rangoon River that lies in a distance of half-hour trek from the village. Parshuram Municipality Mayor Bheem Bahadur Saud said he was studying about the problem of water here and was committed to doing his best to find a solution to it. RSS

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